Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slow-cooker chicken and rice

Started with this recipe:


1) replace soy sauce with tamari.

Why> It's gluten free and it's what I've got in the house. ^^;;

2) replace fish sauce with ketchup.

Why, you ask? Fish sauce is a dicey proposition for me since I'm allergic to shellfish and some fish sauces are made with shrimp, etc. And Koffer won't go within 20 feet of anything called "Fish Sauce". Normally, for an "umami" ingredient, I'd use tamari, but I was already using the tamari above. So. Ketchup. It's slightly sweet, a little salty and savoury.

3) addition: 1 can veg broth.

WHAT? reason: I decided to make this similar to pulled pork. The chicken simmered in the sauce and fell apart in the crockpot.

Served over short-grain brown rice.

Steamed up some green beans as well and used the remainder of the sauce in the crockpot to dress them for dinner as well my lunches this week. YUM!!

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