Friday, May 15, 2009

Experiment 1: Afterthoughts

While the final sausages were definitely edible, they're still not quite right.

Next week, I will be starting Experiment 2: Sausage Redux with the following changes to the original recipe:

  • the beans: I used canellini beans because they were handy. I think I will used black beans instead. With a more assertive taste and drier texture, I think they'll be more appropriate.
  • the tofu: since the freeze dried tofu package only nets 1 cup, I used mochiko rice flour to make up the bulk because it too, was handy. I think for Round 2, I will replace that with quinoa.
  • the apple: I think I will hold in reserve to see if the base needs to be moister after the other changes.
  • the liquids: 1/2 cup is definitely the way to go on the broth, and 3 T of tamari vs. 2 definitely nets a richer taste.

the spices:
  • considering I can STILL taste the one I had for brekkies, I think for Round 2 we will definitely be cutting the sage and thyme in half. For people who REALLY love sage, the current qty might be good. I like it, but not this much^_^
  • the increase of dry mustard powder also increased the savoury factor- in a good way, but given the changes I'm going to make in the base, I'll increase it incrementally and see if I can get away with the original amount.
So, join me again next week for Round 2! Suggestions are always welcome in comments!! ^__^v

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