Sunday, July 5, 2009

If it's sunday, I'm cooking/ GF cake from starbucks

Sorry no updates on the vegan GF sausage- I haven't had a lot of time to spare recently.

Of course, I'm pretty certain no one reads this anyways, so, if someone DOES, let me know :D

But as I type this, the house is filled with the scent of thai curry. I picked up a can of curry paste at the local Asian Food Market last week, along with some coconut milk. Right now, the sauce is simmering with potatoes, carrots and kale (yes, yes, not authentic, but it was going off and I figured I'd bung some in the sauce before I fed the rest to the chickens) and I'm going to whip some quinoa up in the rice cooker using Karina's method in a bit.

I'm so excited that the farmer's market is open on sundays now. Saturdays are too damn hard to make the trip down there. I came home, having spent the princely sum of $28 - with bags of corn on the cob, peaches, tomatoes, plums, strawberries, freshly-dug potatoes, zucchini, green beans and onions. YAY!

Plus, the farmer's market is right next to Trenton's Halo Farms- a micro-dairy with milk, lemonade, juices about half what the cost in the grocery store is, so yay there too :D


On the way home, I stopped off at starbucks. I have a couple of gift cards that I've been feeding off of and I wanted to try their GF Valencia Orange Cake.


I'm not a super-sweet eater. Hell, I ate baking chocolate once as a kid. The sweetest thing I'll eat is mame daifuku (sweet rice ball with sweetened bean paste in the middle. Despite the abundance of the word "sweet"- it's really not that much)

If you like sweet things, the orange cake is for you. It's got a texture just slightly more solid than a custard and to me, it tastes like orange syrup. It wasn't bad, just...well...


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